Monday, August 27, 2012

Rules of Behavior For Military Intelligence Personnel (Philippines)

"This Guidebook is timely and relevant amid reports of human rights violations attributed to the military. It serves to reaffirm the AFP’s commitment to anchor security and intelligence operations on a firm human rights framework." 

"Intelligence work is a fundamental component of military operations. Information, after all, is power. Human rights is needed to ensure that the process and outcome of such vital operations do not exceed the limits set by our democratic and republican system. Human rights secure the rule of law even as the rule of law guarantees the enjoyment of human rights by all and in all circumstances."

"This Guidebook will help deepen the commitment and awareness of the soldiers to promote and protect human rights which, in turn, will contribute immensely to win the campaign against insurgency and terrorism."

"I therefore enjoin the personnel of the Intelligence Community to read and learn by heart the contents of this Guidebook, bearing in mind that professional soldiers are not only guardians of our people and our country, but also peace and human rights advocates."

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